A Lot Like Christmas

Honestly? I haven’t been much of a foodie these last few weeks. I’ve been living on vega protein shakes, spaghetti squash, and salad.

What I HAVE been is a crafting fiend. December 1 found me with Christmas spirit, which is fairly remarkable; just ask my poor Christmas-loving husband. So I directed my energies toward the decorating of our cozy home (see the exhibitions below).

I also decided that the majority of my gifts this year are going to be homemade. Expect a post soon on homemade lip balm, vanilla extract, and citrus ornaments. Also on my to-do list is a homemade dairy free eggnog, and I have not forgotten about the spiced pumpkin creme recipe.

In the meantime, someone inspire me! What is your favorite gf/vegetarian recipe for the season?



4 thoughts on “A Lot Like Christmas

  1. I made an amazing vegan pumpkin pasta with shallots and mushrooms the other day. I am also craving hearty soups with kale: be it chickpea noodle with miso and vegetables, or a rustic fire-roasted tomato white wine and potatoes. I am also making salads with roasted vegetables topped with hard-boiled or fried eggs. have you ever tried shakshuka? I am making it today and it seems very simple!

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