In the hottest of last summer’s months, I made a change. I was tired. I was sick. I was frustrated. Hope came in the form of a blood test and a partial-elimination diet. Things were trimmed from my life. Gluten. Yeast. Refined sugar. Dairy. Coffee. Pinto Beans.

I cut out these foods, and added eggs back into my previously strict vegetarian diet. I also started a supplement regimen to help my stomach relearn how to properly digest food.

The result has been new-found energy and health.

It hasn’t been entirely easy. Yeast shows up in many processed foods, along with gluten and dairy. Vinegar free sauces are almost non-existent. Restaurants have gluten-free menus, but cease to be helpful when I begin asking questions about other ingredients. It has gotten easier, and finding and adapting recipes has become fun. I love to play in the kitchen.

When I’m not eating or cooking, I am spending time with my husband and best friend Joshua, making art, gardening, having tea with a friend, or spending time doing art with patients at a local children’s hospital.

You can find my blog about my studio practice, photography, and writing here.

You can also follow me on pinterest here.


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