With Resolution

My landlord brought us two MASSIVE bunches of collards, so for dinner last night I made black rice, sauteed collards, and red skinned mashed potatoes. It was simple and nourishing, which has been my main prerequisite for meals this past month, and will probably be dinner for the next two or three nights. Maybe a couple of lunches too.

In the time I have not been posting I have been reading a lot of other blogs. I am still not certain that I have figured out exactly how to best fuel my body, and whenever I feel like this I find myself perusing raw, vegan, paleo, food-combining and scd blogs side-by-side and I struggle to make sense of it. And I haven’t yet.

I was actually pretty solid to my body this holiday season, with the exception of a couple of (potentially yeasty) glasses of wine. I took time to do yoga and pilates and go on walks. As suggested by those ascribing to the food-combining method of eating I have been consuming the majority of my fresh fruit separate from my meals (you can read the reasoning on that here). The problem is I have also been under a fair amount of stress, a little under the weather, and (a lot) sad. And these things all effect my stomach and general feeling of wellbeing just as the foods I eat do.

So while I was going to make some food and blogging resolutions, I offer up instead my commitments to myself in the spirit of self-care.

  1. Make time and space for rest- This includes walking, yoga (Joshua got me a month pass to Bikram for Christmas), somewhat regularly scheduled massages (also a Christmas present), and napping. I also want to focus on meditating and bio-feedback, two interests I have held but not pursued deeply before. 
  2. Share more food- Whether this looks like hosting potlucks, taking meals to sick friends, or baking cookies for a neighbor doesn’t matter. All of the above would be great. I love sharing food, and I want to make it a priority. Build community.
  3. Try something new once a month- Even when life is at its busiest there is time for some exploration in the kitchen. It’s the spice of life. And make these meals important, cloth napkins and place settings to boot. Celebrate new things.
  4. Make things outside of the kitchen- Craft! Just do it. And do it with other people. Build community.
  5. Make my own probiotic foods- I am excited about this project, I just need to find the space and time to get it started. I think my body will really thank me for it.
  6. Journal- Daily. Or at least semi-daily.
  7. Work on a farm- We’ve talked about joining WWOOF and farming somewhere overseas for awhile. Which would be great! In the meantime I want to get my hands in the dirt here and now. Come spring, expect to see me at Peacehaven Farm regularly. What a beautiful space, and such beautiful people. And I find working in a garden to be very relaxing.

So there is my list. What is on yours?


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